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Being by Sanctuary Bathing ProductsIt’s half way through the week and I can not wait to relax and unwind with a great book in hand. You have to indulge in self-care and have a relaxing night to yourself every once in a while. Tonight calls for a bubble bath with Being and my newest addition to my book collection, Big Magic. I am starting to step away from being on my phone and computer at night and focusing more on reading new books. I feel like disconnecting from the world a little is much needed at times. If your ready to smell the best bathing products of your life, then get ready for Being by Sanctuary. I’ve shared their products in the past and have loved them!! I am definitely hooked on them because they smell amazing!

Right now, my favorite is the Chili Mango and Tonka Bean Shower Burst ,it lathers up so nicely on a loofah. I’m already on my second bottle because it’s that good! The smell of course is amazing and I can’t wait to try out the other scents!

Being by Sanctuary Bathing Products


Next, is the Body Butter. I tried the Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom Body Butter. For me, a cream is a must-have daily. I never leave the house without lathering up with cream. The Cloudberry makes my skin so smooth and soft, plus I smell like berries. Who wouldn’t want to smell like berries?! I even have my sister hooked on this brand. She went to Ulta and is trying out new scents. It so fun trying new ones and seeing which one is your favorite!

Being by Sanctuary Bathing Products


I’m so glad I came across these products. Trust me, once you try them they will be a staple in your bathing routine! I highly recommend the Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom Body Butter. The scent is not too strong and lathers on your skin very nicely! Have you tried any of the Being by Sanctuary products? They are available at your local Ulta!


Being by Sanctuary Bathing Products





**This post is Sponsored by Being by Sanctuary. All opinions remain my own.


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