Sharing my Experience with Botox and Fillers

What Cosmetic Injections Do I Get?

Sharing my experience with botox and filler

I love being completely honest with you all! I’m not shy to share cosmetic treatments or procedures I’ve tried. Some people like to keep it a secret, which is totally fine, but I love sharing with you guys and being able to create a conversation about it.

Do you guys know how old I am? I’m 28! Ah yes, I never really share my age. Partially because I feel so old but I still get carded, which I’m not mad about!! Age is just a number, it’s how you feel 🙂  So let’s talk about the fun stuff. What have I tried? The first time I tried Botox was last year and I must say its a miracle! I can not live without it anymore. I had small fine Iines on my forehead and lines around my crow feet that I just was not very happy with. It’s little things that can bring down your self confidence. Everyone has something they would like fixed or tweaked, am I right? Getting botox is just a slight pinch. Now onto filler, I had my lips done last year also. I’m not sure if it was the place I went to or the way my body is, but they only lasted about a month. No lie. I either have a really fast metabolism or didn’t go to the right Plastic Surgeon. ALWAYS do your research!!

Sharing my experience with botox and filler

Now, for other fillers. I went to such a great place. The place is called RR Aesthetics  in Beverly Hills. Their staff was so friendly, and Mr. Rand Rusher was such a pleasure to be around. I was so nervous and he really took his time with me and only suggested things that he really thought I needed. He was very meticulous with the injections and was extremely patient. I did not feel rushed and he really listened to my concerns. So, I ended up getting cheek filler for the first time!

Did it hurt? That’s the main question I get. For me, all I felt was a little pinch in my cheek and then you hear this weird noise of the filler into the cheek but it didn’t bother me. I didn’t experience that much pain afterwards. It was a lot less painful than lip filler. I had only minor swelling and no bruising! I even went to Joshua Tree that weekend!! Everyone heals differently but I was very pleased and believe a lot of your healing process begins with going to the right person who is an expert with injections and very skilled at what they are doing. I had a little asymmetry and the filler helped even out my cheek bones and create a little lift and contour.

What about maintenance? I will maintain my filler every 6-8 months and botox about every 4-5 months.

Sharing my experience with botox and filler

If you are curious about this and want to dip your toes into the world of injectables, I say do whatever makes you happy!! If a little botox or filler makes you feel more confident than by all means do it! If it’s not your thing than good for you! This is a no judgment free zone. I believe in doing whatever puts a smile on your face. There is nothing wrong about getting injections and I don’t believe anyone needs them to be happy, but if it makes you feel good about yourself then there is nothing wrong with that.

Botox and fillers are not permanent modifications to your face. The results diminish over time and do not last forever. That is why it is high maintenance and you have to keep up with it. If you do your research and go to the right doctor than your results will be more natural (if that is what you want to achieve).

There are some people out there that will judge but let’s not judge each other over things that make someone feel more confident in their own skin. Some women choose to splurge on makeup and other choose to splurge on cosmetic injections.

Have you been thinking of getting botox or fillers? Which one are you curious to try?





**This post is sponsored by RR Aesthetics, all thoughts and opinions remain my own**


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